Married Rugby Player Fined, Suspended, & Kicked Out Of His Home After Getting Caught Performing A Sex Act On His Friend’s Wife In An Alley

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Getting caught cheating on your wife on video right before Valentine’s Day is tough. Having that video surface on social media only makes things more difficult.

Rugby league player Joe Westerman had that and much more take place over the weekend. The 33-year-old Castleford Tigers loose forward was caught on video performing a sex act on his friend’s wife in an alley.

Rugby Player Joe Westerman Lauren Westerman
Married rugby player caught preforming sex act on friend’s wife (Image Credit: Lauren Westerman/Twitter)

The short clip surfaced on social media after it had been sent to his wife Lauren. As a result, Westerman was fined by his club and kicked out of his home by his wife. The couple has three children together.

Lauren tweeted in response to a now-deleted tweet of the video, “Can I make this VERY clear that this is NOT me!!!!!! Well clearly!! And we have three children one of whom is almost 15 and she doesn’t need to see things like this all over social media!”

In addition to the fine, and being kicked out of his home, Castleford is requiring that he perform community service. He has to educate young people about the effects of alcohol. Showing the kids the clip that surfaced wouldn’t be appropriate, but it would get the point across.

Westerman will also miss the season opener next Sunday. Someone with knowledge of the situation said, “He’s ­effectively been suspended. The video is horrific.”

If you’re scoring at home this one’s not even close. Westerman is down and he’s down big time. He was kicked out of his home, fined, suspended, and ordered to perform community service.

All of that, and you have to assume his friend isn’t too happy with him either. It’s a tough look all around.

It’s Been A Tough Week To Be Rugby Player Joe Westerman

The lapse in judgment is, evidently, alcohol related. Westerman addressed the issue through a statement on club’s website. He is described by the club as incredibly remorseful.

The statement reads, “Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly apologize to my family and friends for my actions. I’d also like to apologise to the supporters, sponsors, staff, and directors of Castleford Tigers as well as my teammates.

“I’d like to extend this apology to the game of rugby league, and I have realized that I need to work on my decision-making around alcohol.”

That’s a lot of apologizing for getting caught cheating on your wife. There’s something about alcohol and men who tackle each other without pads for a living that doesn’t mix well.

You put the two together and you end up with a divorce because of a sex act in public.

Written by Sean Joseph

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