Married 911 Dispatcher Accused Of Sexting Seven Cops & Having Sex With Two By Her Husband: ‘She Was The Love Of My Life’

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Just a couple of months after a sex scandal ROCKED a Tennessee police department & turned allegedly horny Maegan Hall into a meme, we have a new sex scandal to analyze.

Let’s go to Texas where the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office finds itself in the middle of an investigation that includes a married 911 dispatcher, a sergeant and at least one deputy facing termination over some “egregious” conduct, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar.

KABB-San Antonio reports it was dispatcher Krystle Perez’s husband who found explicit text messages between his wife and at least two deputies and then turned over the texts to the internal affairs department.

And now we have ourselves and old-fashioned sex scandal!

Married 38-year-old 911 dispatcher Krystle Perez is at the center of an alleged sex scandal at a sheriff’s office in Teas after her husband turned over texts. / via News4 San Antonio
via News4 San Antonio

Now, remember, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and no charges have been made in this case. The deputies and the dispatcher say they didn’t do anything wrong at work, but let’s also remember that this case is just starting to heat up.

The playas:

  1. 911 dispatcher Krystle Perez; 38 years old
  2. Sgt. Renaldo Salinas
  3. Deputy Juan Leal
  4. Giancarlo Perez, Krystle’s husband, who says “She was the love of my life.”

The texts (allegedly sent between Girls Gone Wild Krystle & deputies):

via News4 San Antonio
via News4 San Antonio

Salinas to Perez: “I feel so Hot and Sexy when I’m…”

Perez: “I can feel it all of it and I love it.”

Salinas: “We need another hotel day.”

Leal to Perez: “I can’t wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other all over.”

Perez: “Expletive yes!”

Giancarlo claims his wife was trading text with six sheriff’s deputies and a City of Converse, Texas police officer. We don’t know if there was banging going on or if these cops were just blowing off steam by pumping out Penthouse Forum text messages.

That’s why there’s an internal affairs department that will get to the bottom of this scandal.

via News4 San Antonio
via News4 San Antonio

Ladies, what happened to the days when you’d cheat with one guy and it would ruin a marriage. It’s one thing to ruin a marriage. It’s another to mentally ruin the ex-husband over the thought of his wife possibly railing the entire third shift.

Would it be too much to ask if we could just get back to being slutty with Jose and keeping it simple?

We have poor Giancarlo having his heart ripped out as he finds SEVEN different guys texting/allegedly sexting with his wife. The guy is at the gym getting a pump in. Meanwhile, his wife is apparently trying to get her own pump in with the boys from work.

Let’s clean it up, America. We’re better than this. Cheat with one. Not with SEVEN.


Giancarlo Perez. / via News4 San Antonio
via News4 San Antonio
via News4 San Antonio

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