Mark Sanchez Calls Himself An ‘Idiot’ After On-Air Flub

For at least one day, NFL fans can refrain from remembering Mark Sanchez mainly for the “butt-fumble.” Sanchez has a new on-field flub making the rounds that’ll take its place.

Sanchez was on the broadcast for the Giants – Seahawks game Sunday when his blunder surfaced. This led to the ex-quarterback labeling himself an “idiot.”

That’s probably a bit harsh. Sanchez tried to dial up a baseball reference that missed the strike zone, leading to his brief humiliation.

“I mean that thing looked like a Chuck Knoblauch knuckleball. What the heck,” said Sanchez referencing a wobbly made Field Goal by Seattle’s Jason Myers. And yes, Myers’ kick did resemble a knuckleball. But there was only one problem- Knoblauch was a former Major League infielder, not a pitcher.

Listen to Sanchez make the curious call in the video below.

Listen to Sanchez reference Chuck Knoblach.

Sanchez Spent 10 Seasons In The NFL

Though the field goal was good, the call was bad. But at least Mark Sanchez recognized as much. A short time after making his broadcasting blunder, Sanchez laughed off the mistake.

“He’s laughing because he’s like ‘Oh you thought that was bad, Sanchez dropped a Knoblach on the knuckleball and he meant to say Tim Wakefield,'” Sanchez said while video ran of Giants coach Brian Daboll laughing.

“What an idiot. Come on kid, figure it out,” the self-deprecating Sanchez said of himself.

Mark Sanchez calling himself an “idiot.”

Props to Sanchez for recognizing the error and making a joke out of it. Like his NFL career showed, he’s not always perfect, but he sure as hell is entertaining.

Mark Sanchez spent five seasons with the New York Jets (Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images).

Is He Now Must-Listen On-Air?

What the Sanchez flub and his comment in response illustrates, is that The Sanchize is quickly becoming a must-listen during broadcasts. Sanchez keeps things light – a nice change from the dozens of buttoned up analysts out there. Earlier this season he dropped a porn reference in a Falcons – Rams game.

Before that, Sanchez gifted us maybe the greatest coach Ed Orgeron impersonation of all-time during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

Knuckleball or not, Sanchez hit it out of the park.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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