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Tuesday night football was odd, but I’ll allow it

I don’t know about you guys, but getting the NFL on a Tuesday night has thrown my week into chaos. I’m starting to lose track of what day it is because I base my weeks on which days don’t have football on TV. Now we won’t have Thursday Night Football because the Bills were scheduled to play the Chiefs. That can’t happen so now that game is on Monday.

What did we learn from the Bills-Titans game? Mike Vrabel just might be the NFL Coach of the Year after a layoff and a team facility lockout that lasted almost two weeks. I’m not sure what the Titans learned over Zoom, but Mike should write an instructional book based on this season so far.

Meanwhile, the Bills had 10 penalties, and Josh Allen had two interceptions. The false starts in the fourth quarter were comical. Pretty sure I counted two false starts in three snaps during one drive. We’re about to see what Buffalo is made of over the next four weeks, including matchups against the Chiefs, Jets, Patriots and Seahawks.

Need something to talk about around the water cooler this morning? This Instagram woman has the world’s largest cheeks and now wants to go bigger. That should get the men and women at work talking.

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  1. I had to look away from and scramble to close the vidoe of that Ukranian woman. I thought she was the little doll from the Saw movie with flesh colored make-up. And then you have another photo of Madonna that looked just like her. I need to recover.

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