SiriusXM Fires Host For Saying He’d Rather Die Than Watch WNBA

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SiriusXM fired PGA Tour host Mark Lye over the weekend for saying he’d rather kill himself than watch the WNBA.

“You know the LPGA Tour, to me, is a completely different tour than it was 10 years ago,” Lye said Saturday. “You couldn’t pay me to watch. You really couldn’t, because I couldn’t relate at all. It’s kind of like, if you were a basketball player, and I’m not trashing anybody, please don’t take it the wrong way.

“I saw some highlights of ladies’ basketball. Man. Is there a gun in the house? I’ll shoot myself [before] I watch that.”

Lye tweeted Sunday that his comments were not sexist:

“The fact that I can’t relate to WNBA does not make me sexist in any way. All you haters should listen to the whole segment, where I completely glorified womens golf, which I love to cover. Thanks for listening.”

On Monday, Lye told a Twitter user that his comments went too far but were not fireable.

“I was terminated about comments made about the WNBA, which I apologized for starting the next segment,” Lye concludes.

There you have it. Fired.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. He’s not wrong. It is the reason they never publish any TV ratings. It would fold if it wasnt for the NBA subsidizing it. LPGA is ok, but for me, Womens College Volleyball is the only womens sport I can watch.

    Shame he was fired – did a good job on golf

  2. In today’s media climate Lye HAD to know he would be canned. He is used to extemporaneous talk on a live mic. He stuck in hand in a wood chipper , shoulda known better. Sure, I totally agree with him but I’m not representing anyone but myself.

  3. I’d rather die than watch the WNBA or the NBA.

    Ball don’t lie… A 5’5” man living in his parents basement talking trash because he knows he’ll never have to back it up.

    Give it a rest. The WNBA sucks and Cornhole is awesome.

  4. Honestly did not know the WNBA was still around. Hard to believe given it’s absolute failings as a business. Every franchise must actually lose value every year contrary to other pro sports franchises. I played high level high school ball and turned down medium level D-1 college ball to go for education only. I would have and could likely still dominate the WNBA (to say nothing of the thousands of guys better than me). I have no qualms saying this. It is not a similar sport to mens basketball. And that’s not a knock on it! It’s just it’s own thing. To be fired for suggesting this truth is wild. Especially when he was advocating for the women’s tour in his own sport. Silly.

  5. A few years ago a soccer guy on another blog made the case for a single women’s professional soccer team in the USA that could play and host teams from other countries, rather than a full league that lacks a strong fan base and loses money. Maybe the WNBA would garner more interest as a single USA professional team.

  6. Bad on XM, but Bad on Outkick for censoring my article on the VIP site, Where Have All the VIP’s Gone? No explanation, and Clay is for First Amendment and Boobs… I have been asking Outkick for five days now who the Boob was that took down my article… Just because they publish people being canceled, doesn’t mean Outkick is any better.

  7. True story- Last time they had the Women’s US Open at Pine Needles in Southern Pines, NC they supplied every golfer a free car for the week and told them that Monday to all meet at the course and they would shuttle them all to RDU (minus the 4-5 that used private jets at the whispering pines airport). Like 95 women said screw you and drove those rental cars all the way to RDU airport (an hour away) leaving them scattered everywhere and it took the lady at the local car rental place an entire week driving back and forth picking up the cars. The women in the LPGA have ZERO class or respect for others. Screw them.

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