Why I Am Joining OutKick, by Mark Harris

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As of today, I am officially a writer at OutKick. Not to sound too cliché, but from a personal standpoint, that simple 10-word sentence you just read is the most exciting and motivating sentence I’ve typed in my writing career.

Let me tell you the very simple, yet very important, reason why. OutKick is home to the most sensical and authentically driven content on the Internet. That’s a big deal seeing as how the Internet and social media don’t exactly like common sense and authenticity these days.

Unless of course the content at hand – whether it be sports or pop culture related – doesn’t push any of the wrong buttons, which you’re well aware of the buttons I’m talking about. It’s not that OutKick doesn’t care about these buttons, it’s well aware of them, but Outkick actually stops, thinks, and asks questions instead of just pushing the button everyone else is.

It’s not afraid to push an entirely different button when other publications wouldn’t dare. That metaphor may not make any sense whatsoever, but I didn’t want to type some generic sentence like ‘OutKick isn’t afraid to swim against the current,’ but here I am typing that anyway.

You all know what I mean, OutKick is fearless, which is one of the primary reasons you follow and read the website and it’s why I’m so excited to join the incredible team here.

As for the content you can expect from me, I’ll mostly be writing about anything and everything going on in the sports world.

I’ve professionally covered all major sports for a handful of years while also keeping very close tabs on all things going on in the golf world. From college football, the NBA, the NFL, the latest rumblings on the PGA Tour, and other trending topics, I’ll be touching all of those bases. I also won’t be shying away from addressing ridiculous sports takes and hypocrisies that come across our timelines every few minutes of every single day.

Writing from the perspective of the everyday sports fan will always be a priority as well. I can’t wait to deliver smart, authentic content and join the team at OutKick. Time to get to work.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @ItIsMarkHarris.

Mark covers anything and everything going on in the sports world here at OutKick. He earned a piece of paper from the University of Tennessee that says he’s earned a Masters of journalism and online media, but you can be the judge on that one. When he isn’t working there’s a very good chance he’s playing golf. Mark’s wife may not love that about him, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Written by Mark Harris


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