Mark Grace is Trending on Twitter for 2020 Reasons

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Mark Grace spent 16 seasons playing in the big leagues. He retired with an impressive .303 batting average over that entire span. He holds the record for most hits, most doubles, as well as most sac flies for the 1990s, and Grace also won a World Series with the Diamondbacks.

Some may argue for him to be a Hall of Fame player — though he is probably Hall of Really Good — being that he and Pete Rose are the only two players to lead a decade in hits and not be enshrined. He also won four Gold Gloves.

This evening he is trending on Twitter nationwide as the mob tries to cancel him for the crime of telling a story and calling his ex-wife a “dingbat.”

You read it correctly.

Grace recalled a story from, what has to be, nearly a quarter century ago about his wife parking in a spot that was reserved for then-MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

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  1. This does not compute… ding-bat… that has the useless cancel mob up set. My goodness the snowflakes are super sensitive. Ex-wife, not current wife, but ex… good gravy that seems well G rated.

  2. Calling your ex wife a dingbat is clearly misogynistic. The mob prefers the term “Common-sense-challenged, cisgender heterosexual female.” I’m not sure if getting Mark Grace fired is punishment enough to fit his crime. He should probably be tried for attempted murder.

  3. As someone who was an immigrant in the 90s and didn’t grow up watching “All in the Family” and Archie Bunker (and had to go to Wikipedia and Google these terms to learn!), it is hilarious to me that more than five people would get upset at Mark Grace for being dismissive toward his ex-wife (who, for the record, seems like a clueless idiot for parking her car at commissioner’s parking spot). Those of us who are under 50 probably never cared to know the cultural reference and even fewer actually truly get offended. People who are “offended” need to logically ask themselves whey they are “offended” when the term was used to just being critical to ONE person, and to no one else. Good Grief….

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