Mark Davis Is Going To Spend Stupid Money… On A Stupid House

The only thing faster than a first-round pick under Al Davis is son Mark Davis’ spending habits in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders announced that he is tentatively planning to build a $14 million mansion worthy of complementing his new home venue, Allegiant Stadium, which will open its doors for full crowds of fans this upcoming season. The venue welcomed over 20,000 fans to watch the Raiders’ training camps in August, but has yet to permit in-person crowds during the regular season.

According to Bleacher Report, “Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis has submitted plans to build a three-story, 15,000-square-foot mansion in Ascaya, a private community in Clark County, Nevada.” The specs for Davis’ new home will feature “a prep kitchen, bar, steam room, library, pool area and a porte-cochere,” which is French for “fancy doorway.”

Crazier than Davis’ new estate are the vaccination rules put in place at Allegiant Stadium, which will now make inoculation mandatory for all visiting members and will also offer on-site vaccines. Newly-vaccinated Raiders fans at Allegiant will be subjected to mask mandates during their visit. The ruling was called out as contradictory to the team’s once revered — and feared — ragtag style of fandom.

The Raiders will debut their new venue by hosting the Baltimore Ravens for the season’s first primetime matchup on Monday Night Football.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • Maybe the fact that the Raiders just received 2 Billion dollars to build his private business……

      But he can spring 14 million on a house?

      Also, Oakland taxpayers are still paying for the Oakland Colosseum renovations that his daddy demanded, but they still took the Raiders out when they wouldn’t give more…

      Screw this freckle faced schmuck

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