Mark Cuban Refused To Let Unvaccinated Journalists Interview Him, According To 2021 DMs

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Mark Cuban told journalist Layah Heilpern he would speak to her on one condition: she get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Cuban explained to Heilpern that he does not support anyone who is not vaccinated. Nor would he allow them to interview him.

“When you get vaccinated and tell others to do the same I will come on,” said Cuban in 2021 via several direct messages to Heilpern.

Heilpern shared her full exchange with Cuban on her Telegram channel Monday:

Heilpern specified that she requested Cuban speak to her for a virtual interview.

This was not a matter of Cuban trying to avoid physical interaction with the unvaccinated. Rather, he was trying to use his clout to make someone jab themselves with an experimental vaccine.

Obviously, Cuban thinks little of those who made the personal health decision to stay unvaccinated. He has no respect for them. He dismissed them. And likely still does.

Cuban believed in, and apparently enabled, the idea that society ought to be segregated between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The exchange with Heilpern in 2021 reflects particularly poorly on Cuban given the vaccine did not perform as advertised.

The Covid-19 vaccines — Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s — did not stop the spread. They did not protect against hospitalization or infection. And they did not prevent death.

The three vaccines ultimately proved ineffective, required several booster shots, and caused myocarditis.

In addition, studies from the CDC suggest the vaccines caused a spike in “major cardiovascular diseases.

We say “suggest” because the people in charge — from politicians to medical “experts” — have no interest in confirming or debunking the vaccines’ roles in the sudden rise in collapses since 2021.

How can that be?

Note: I could not reach out to Mark Cuban to comment on this story due to my vaccination status.


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