I don’t remember the last time I was this happy over a Titans game.

Just pure unadulterated glee right now.

Here’s my Periscope breaking down the game.

I’m still not sure how the Titans won after going down 21-3. (Aside from Travis Kelce getting knocked out of the game with a concussion and the Titans going 164 for 164 for in the second half on third down plays. Seriously, did the Titans miss a third down conversion in the entire second half? Answer, no, they went 7-7 on third down in the second half. Marcus Mariota just willed that victory with an otherworldly performance.)

How about Marcus Mariota’s first postseason touchdown pass coming to himself? If that’s not a metaphor for the entire Titan offense this season I don’t know what is.

Further, how about Mariota getting the block that sprung Derrick Henry for the game sealing first down? And how about all those Mariota scrambles for first downs too? Just an incredible performance from Mariota on the the road as over a touchdown underdog.

And how about Eric Decker dropping three passes last week and then dropping a pass this week so easy to catch if my fourth grader or first grader would have dropped it I would have been disappointed in them and then bouncing back to snag that touchdown catch in the end zone?

Further, how about the disastrously blown call by Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden on the Derek Henry “fumble” at the end of the game? Major props to Sean McDonough for finally hitting puberty though. Seriously, did you hear his voice crack on the non-touchdown call there? Shouldn’t someone on the entire ESPN crew have pointed out that Henry was down on that play? And how painful is this for Chiefs fans to watch on constant repeat?

And how about the number of blown calls in this game? Mariota clearly fumbled late in the first half, but they ruled him down by forward progress. What?! And then Travis Kelce clearly fumbled inside of two minutes and the NFL didn’t even review the play. What?! And then how about the officials missing a Titans first down by two full yards in the third quarter? That might have been the worst spot of the year in the NFL. Just a horrendous officiating performance all around.

Oh, and condolences to Chiefs fans who have the testicular fortitude to be reading this right now. If the Titans had blown their sixth straight home playoff loss after going up 21-3 I don’t know if I’d be able to get out of bed tomorrow. Seriously, just totally brutal. Especially if I had to think about Andy Reid’s play calling too. Nice play design on that option play with Alex Smith late in the game. Seriously, an option play?!

Okay, I’m going to get drunk in the Outkick Mansion by myself and celebrate this playoff win because the Titans last playoff win was in 2003 — it was so long ago my wife was a Titans cheerleader and we weren’t married yet — and we might not win another playoff win for 15 years. And if it takes that long again I might be dead.

Oh, and for all you Marcus Mariota haters out there — playoff wins for starting quarterbacks in their fourth year or less in the league right now: Derek Carr, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Jameis Winson — all zero.

Marcus Aloha Bitches Mariota — ONE.


It’s still early in his career, but getting a road playoff win like this can do wonders for a guy’s confidence and the growth of a young team and their belief in a young quarterback to get them the win. Because not winning in the playoffs when you’re young just increases the pressure on you as you age. This was big for Mariota regardless of what happens next week.

Also, I’d like to apologize to the coaching staff for demanding they be fired after the Titans roughed the punter on one play and then fumbled the ensuing punt after they got bailed out with a personal foul call to get a rekick. I do, however, reserve the right to demand everyone be fired again this coming weekend.

Finally, can the Titans please get out of the Chiefs stadium before this officiating crew can blow another call?

See y’all in either New England or Pittsburgh next weekend.

Titans win! Titans win! Titans win!

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.