Marco Rubio Says There Are More UFO Whistleblowers, Some Fear ‘Harm Coming To Them’

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Senator Marco Rubio claims there are more UFO whistleblowers than the public knows about.

Whistleblower David Grusch sent UFO hype and speculation soaring when he claimed the government had secret crafts in its possession, possible bodies of dead pilots and elements within the government had successfully concealed and hidden it from the rest of the government and public.

Senator Josh Hawley already went on-record that at least some of Grusch’s claims match what he heard in a briefing and the entire thing is “plausible.”

Now, Rubio has poured fuel on the fire.

Marco Rubio says more UFO whistleblowers are out there.

During an interview with NewsNation, the Senator from Florida said multiple people have come forward with “firsthand knowledge or firsthand claims of things” related to UFOs. Rubio refused to get into specifics because he said some people who have come forward are still active government employees and some “are fearful” of possible “harm coming to them.”

“Some of these claims are things that are beyond sort of the realm any of us have dealt with,” Rubio said during an interview with NewsNation when breaking down the situation.

UFO interest continues to soar.

If there’s one thing that should be clear to everyone, it’s the fact the UFO topic is here to stay. That doesn’t mean aliens are real, but the interest in whatever is going on up in the sky is definitely real.

Multiple government officials have now openly stated Grusch’s claims aren’t that of a crackpot lunatic. Rubio was a little more reserved than Hawley, but he made it clear something is going on.

It’s not a good thing when UFO allegations are described as “beyond sort of the realm any of us have dealt with.”

That’s not great, folks. It means whatever might be being said behind closed doors is a lot more serious than what the public has heard.

Add in the fact some of these whistleblowers allegedly fear for their safety, and these recent comments will have people going nuts.

Will the truth ever come out?

As always, there’s nothing to suggest aliens are among us. What we do know for sure is the government is taking the situation incredibly seriously. Does the government have crashed crafts? Have the bodies of dead pilots been found? Are we alone? Is there a simple explanation?

These are all questions people want answered. They’re questions the public deserves to have answered. It’s time to open the books if the government is hiding anything.

Are UFOs real?

Let’s hope the truth comes out. Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest UFO updates as we have them.

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