Manning Mania Sweeps Nashville Yesterday, Today

Have you ever stood on a median and craned your neck to look for movement on someone else’s property?

Hopefully you haven’t.

Yesterday I spent hours doing that at the Titans facility. The highlight of the evening — aside from the approximately two minutes when Manning was actual visible — was when Twitter followers showed up with a 32 pack of Keystone Light. Which we then drank, tailgate style, outside the Titans facility fence.

Today March Madness officially begins, but in the meantime, it’s Manning Mania in Nashville.

If you aren’t on Twitter — and I will reiterate again, if you’re a sports fan and you aren’t on Twitter then you’re wasting your life — here was a gallery of pictures and video that I posted yesterday.

And, again, follow me on Twitter and follow the people I follow. Your life will be better.

I promise.

Could today be the day that Manning returns to Tennessee?


Titan fans showed up in wheelchairs to cheer for Manning.

 Yeah, this one is very creepy.

So, hurry, here we are with cheap beer!

And demon eyes!


Here’s a video of the entrance.

For Nashville people, we’re spending the day out at Dave & Buster’s. 3HL will broadcast live from 3-6 and I’ll get there to watch games in the next half-hour.

So come hang out.

For the rest of you, happy brackets.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.