Mandy Rose Does ‘Baywatch’ Inspired Exclusive Content Shoot

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It’s FanTime Friday people. Didn’t know that was a thing? Don’t worry you’re not alone. This is my first time hearing about this concept too. Amanda Saccomanno, aka former WWE wrestler Mandy Rose, dropped the hashtag along with a taste of a recent Baywatch inspired exclusive content shoot.

Because I had to know, I clicked on the hashtag and went exploring. It turns out FanTime Friday might be something the most recognizable name on the platform is trying to get going. There are only 22 posts currently linked to the hashtag.

Mandy Rose Baywatch Reboot Exclusive Content
Former WWE wrestler Mandy Rose is ready for the Baywatch reboot (Image Credit: Mandy Sacs/Twitter)

A couple of posts are from another content creator, who might be worth a deeper dive at some point, and almost all of the others were from Bears fans. Given the very low number of posts it’s safe to say it didn’t catch on in Chicago.

When it comes to Mandy, let’s hope she keeps it going. In my opinion, we could all use a weekly dose of FanTime Friday content from Mandy Rose.

As I mentioned, this week Mandy hit a lifeguard shack on the beach in a red Baywatch style one piece. If her response last weekend to the news of a Baywatch reboot wasn’t clear enough that she’s interested, this should do it.

Mandy adding a “I’ll save you” in the caption before the all caps link in bio was a nice touch.

All Mandy has to do is submit these photos, a slow motion jog along the beach, along with her resume and role of CJ Parker – as her fans have suggested she play – in the reboot is hers.

This Is One Reboot I’m Looking Forward To

There you have it. Mandy is killing two birds with one content stone. This is a very strong start to FanTime Friday, should she actually make it a thing, and an even stronger submission for a part in one of the most iconic works of art in lifeguarding.

I said it when I first heard about the reboot and I’ll say it again, I’m here for it. I want the cheesy acting, the scenes on the beach, and the cameos from the old cast. Give me all of it.

That includes a spot, even if it’s not as CJ Parker, for a former WWE wrestler/content machine with more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

Written by Sean Joseph

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