Man Tattooed Head-To-Toe Talks Dating Woes, Says Women Can’t Deal With The Attention He Gets

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A man inked practically from head to toe says that dating can be hard. Not that he can’t get a woman, it’s just that they tend to have trouble dealing with all the attention he gets.

Meet Brandon Pippen, but you probably know him by his stage name Crewsont.

No? Well, then you must not be too well-versed in the world of scream rap. I find it hard to believe that some of his hits like “They Dead” or “Demonz” aren’t on your go-to Spotify playlists.

Regardless, 29-year-old Crewsont started getting tattoos six years ago to stand out from the rest of the scream rap crowd. He’s got tons of tattoos all over his body including some music notes on his chin (because scream rap) and an Aztec pattern on his scalp.

However, when pressed to name his favorite piece, Crewsont โ€” whose name stems from his love of croissants (that’s not a joke) โ€” didn’t hesitate to pick the red scar he had tattooed over his left eye.

โ€œIt was awful,” he said. โ€œIt goes all the way into the tips of my eyelid and it was probably the most painful but the coolest one in my opinion.โ€

His Tattoos Help His Scream Rap Pursuits, But Ladies Can’t Handle The Attention

He feels like his tattoos help in his pursuit of scream rap glory, they’ve made dating a little more difficult.

โ€œA lot of people canโ€™t handle their partner constantly having people gawk at him and throw themselves at him,” he told Truly.

For that reason, Crewsont said he finds that he doesn’t always attract the most upstanding ladies.

โ€œMost of the time that I meet women or see women, theyโ€™ll see me off my Instagram or theyโ€™ll see me at a show,” Crewsont said. โ€œI feel like I attract the chaotic, attention-seeking type of girls.โ€

You’re telling me women who frequent scream rap shows are “chaotic” and “attention seeking?” I was thinking they’d be more along the lines of the quiet, bookish type.

Crewsont โ€” whose Instagram bio says he’s from Acapulco, Mexico; the cliff diving and scream rap capital of the world โ€” hasn’t limited his body modifications to tattoos. He also spent thousands getting gold teeth.

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