Man Slaps A Bear To Protect His Family

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A casual walk for a couple and their dogs turned into a face-to-face encounter with a bear. Some choose to crap their pants and run in these situations. Others choose to crap their pants and fight.

The man in the video, which went viral after it was shared on TikTok, chose to fight. It’s unknown if he crapped his pants, but it’s assumed that he did. The security camera footage from what appears to be outside of a barn of some sort shows the brief battle.

After initially being startled by the sight of the bear, the man – who it should be pointed out is wearing flip-flops – decides he’s going to go stand his ground as the woman and dogs run for safety.

He growls at the bear and yells “Get back!” a couple of times. This did nothing to deter the bear at all.

Anthony Mooren/TikTok

The bear approaches the man and is met with a slap right across the face. The bear then recognized it was in the presence of a flip-flop wearing gangster and decided to retreat.

The man continues to yell then picks up a shovel and starts banging it on a trash can lid.

At this time he takes a moment to pat himself on the back by telling the woman that “he sucker punched a bear.” After she acknowledged his accomplishment he decides to check back on the situation.

Know When To Fold ‘Em

The man takes a look inside the door and realizes that there are more cubs in the building and that it was time to get out of there.

“Oh, let’s go,” he says when he figures out the cub was not alone. “There’s cubs in the shed.”

Cub or not, slapping a bear across the face takes a large set. Having said that, getting out of there before running across the momma bear was a smart move.

There isn’t a set large enough to hangout for a showdown with a protective momma bear.

Written by Sean Joseph

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