Man Robs Convenience Store Wearing A Football-Head Mask

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It must have been dress up like a football day at the offices of armed robbery last weekend. Because a man who robbed a Ponca City, Oklahoma convenience store over the weekend did so wearing a football-head mask.

Police are looking for a man who walked into a Stop N Go in Ponca City around 5 a.m. Sunday morning wearing a football-head mask. The man is seen briefly walking around the store before pulling out a small gun and demanding money from the cashier.

Man Robs Gas Station Wearing A Football-Head Mask

The unknown assailant nervously tapped the counter as he waited for the money to be handed over. He collected as much money off the counter as he could hold in his hands, stuffed it into his pocket, then causally walked out of the store still wearing football-head mask on his head.

Police describe the suspect as a younger white male, about five feet, six inches tall and heavier set. They also describe the gun he used while committing the crime as a small revolver.

A Football-Head Mask Is An Interesting Choice

The police seemed to have left out a few details in their description. Namely that he had a football on his head and what appears to be gloves on his hands.

Wearing a football-head mask is a very interesting choice to pull off an armed robbery. Sure it hides your face, but it does narrow the search down quite a bit to folks who own one of these masks.

Hopefully the police are able to catch this guy and hopefully he’s made to take his mug shot wearing the football-head mask.

Written by Sean Joseph

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