Man Killed While Using Porta-Potty

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A routine at-work bathroom break turned tragic for a Florida man last week.

While taking a moment to relieve himself on a job site, Aaron Henderson, a traffic control contractor, was killed on Friday when the porta-potty he was using was crushed by a bulldozer.

Henderson was working as spotter for the North Central Landfill in Polk County, just outside of Lakeland, Florida, when the accident occurred. He was just 43 years old.

Numerous reports state that the driver of the bulldozer had his view obstructed by a blade that was raised between three and four feet off the ground. Because of the obstruction, the driver did not see the porta-potty and ultimately crushed the bathroom while behind the controls of the heavy machinery.

The driver was headed up an embankment when he unknowingly ran over the porta-potty. It wasn’t until he heard an unusual crumbling sound that he stopped to assess the situation.

“He immediately exited the bulldozer and ran towards the porta potty to see if anyone was inside of it,” a Polk County Sheriff’s office a spokesperson said. “At that time, he observed Henderson unresponsive inside the porta potty.”

By the time the bulldozer driver got to Henderson, it was too late. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both police and OSHA have been investigating the workplace catastrophe since late Friday and have thus far deemed the incident a “tragic, industrial accident.”

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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. This is why I rolled my fkn eyes when people tried to tell me how dangerous covid is and how I needed to get vaccinated. People seem to have no metric of evaluating actual risk. Driving to and working on the jobsite is 1000x more dangerous than the Wuhan virus. But damn, that is a shitty way to die. No pun intended.

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