Man In China Sued By Blind Date Who Brought 23 Relatives With Her

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Some wild things happen in China, but bringing 23 family members with you on a blind date, then suing the unsuspecting guy who walked out on you is toward the top.

Okay, maybe it’s not toward the top, but it’s still nuts.

According to the website NextShark, a man identified in local reports as Mr. Liu had plans to go on a blind date with a woman named in reports as Ms. Zhang. The two had reportedly met through a matchmaker and planned on going to a restaurant in China’s Jilin province, which sits in eastern China and borders North Korea.

When Mr. Liu went to the restaurant he found the date, but then realized that she had shown up with nearly 2 dozen relatives.

Those relatives didn’t just sit quietly at the next table — which would’ve still been exceedingly weird — instead, they started ordering expensive drinks and cigarettes, all on Mr. Liu’s tab.

Yes; I too was surprised you can order lung darts in Chinese restaurants.

Mr. Liu, like any non-sociopath, thought this was ridiculous and walked out on the date after they handed him a bill for 20,000 yuan, or around $2,805.60.

That left Ms. Zhang with the bill. She reportedly covered it, then hit up Mr. Liu (who for some reason didn’t change his number after this fiasco) for the rest. He agreed to pay part of it — 400 yuan or $562) — but wanted her family to pay the rest.

This Blind Date Ended In Civil Litigation

Now, I’m far from a mathematician. But half of roughly $2,800 is $1,400. Add in the almost $600 that Mr, Liu generously chipped in and we’re looking at between $800 and $900.

That’s still a hefty bill, but when divided up between 23 people, it isn’t completely unreasonable.

They could have forked it over and this would all be behind them, but instead, Ms. Zhang and her family of free-loaders decided to take Mr. Liu to court.

Fortunately, the court ruled in Mr. Liu’s favor, saying he should only be on the hook for his portion of the meal. That was around 1,400 yuan, or $197.

Mr. Liu is a baller.

If I were in Mr. Liu’s shoes, there’s no chance I would’ve hung around long enough to order a basket of mozzarella sticks for the table let alone let the woman’s family go nuts on cancer sticks and booze on my dime.

No way, no how.

I’m sure the Chinese judicial system doesn’t have the highest batting average. I was shocked to learn they even had one in the first place.

However, I’m glad that in this case, they got this one 100% correct.

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