Man Fined $350 for Calling Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend a ‘Leprechaun’

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It’s never easy to see your ex-girlfriend move on to a new boyfriend. It’s even worse when you fire back and get fined for calling the new guy a “leprechaun.” This isn’t a hypothetical, it’s the real-life story of Terry Myers.

Myers, 41, was fined $350 in a court of law for calling his ex-girlfriend’s new Irish boyfriend a “leprechaun.” Aberdeen prosecutor Susan Love, per the Evening Express, said it was found “offensive” as the man was born in Dublin.

Love said Myers also added various threats to assault the man in the emails.

“Iain Hingston, counsel for the defense, said that there was a history between the two men, and that all charges related to one message or a set of messages,” Irish Central reported. “Hingston said that the history between the men was ‘petty and pathetic’ but that Myers should not have used the language that he did.”

I know what you are thinking, “it’s only $350.” Yes, but when it’s your $350, it stings.

Let this serve as a warning to all ex-boyfriends. If you are mad enough at your ex-girlfriend’s new Irish man to call him a “leprechaun,” prepare to pay the fine. Especially if it’s done over email.

It’s not clear when the term became fineable, though. In 2008, a Liverpool court found that calling someone a “leprechaun” was not a racist insult. It was instead successfully argued, “political correctness gone mad.” This came after 18-year-old Andeliza Tucker was charged with racially aggravated harassment for calling Eleanor Vince, who is Irish, a “f**king leprechaun.”

That case probably infuriates Myers, who now may never get over the breakup. 



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