Man Ends Up In Handcuffs After Confronting A Bachelorette Party At Their Airbnb Over Noise

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Some people have a really hard time understanding when they should complain and when they should let things go. This guy confronting a bachelorette party over noise is one of those guys.

According to one of the attendees of the party, who uploaded the video to TikTok, the man called the cops on them the night before. The police assured them they were being quiet and peaceful.

That didn’t keep him from returning the next day and acting like a fool. In the video the man claims that the women are ruining the neighborhood, among other things, during their weekend stay at the Wisconsin riverside Airbnb.

He also claims that there are rules to renting the home and that the rules are “to keep your f*cking mouth shut.”


This guy needs a new hobby

For reasons only know to him, he decided to continue ranting and raving until the police returned. That turned out to be a bad idea. He was on probation for “domestic dispute” from the weekend before and ended up in handcuffs.

By the way, there are a ton of F-bombs in the video:

To me this is a story of a guy who is just mad that he’s not the one having fun. How else to explain the lack of self-awareness?

If you don’t want neighbors and all their “noise” then don’t live in a neighborhood. The people that have a hard time grasping this concept confuse me.

So do the people who want to be remembered for attempting to ruin other people’s good time. Why? Why do you want to know as the crazy guy from the bachelorette weekend?

Maybe I’m the wrong person to be weighing in on this. I once let a bunch of my neighbors shoot fireworks from a common area over my backyard without saying a word.

Guess where they landed and guess who was the only one cleaning them up the next day.

Written by Sean Joseph


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