Man Robbed A Woman At Gunpoint, Then Asked Her Out On Facebook

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People often find love at work. That can be difficult if you make a living as an armed robber. Difficult, but not impossible. You just have to be willing to make the first move, even if it has to take place mid-robbery.

Damien Boyce, of Indianapolis, did just that on May 8 at around 4 am at a victim’s mailbox. He approached a woman as she was checking her mail after working a late shift. He pulled a gun on her and told her that he was robbing her.

Armed Robber Damien Boyce Asks Victim Amber Beraun Out On Facebook
Indiana man robs woman at gunpoint before asking her out on Facebook (Image Credit: WTHR/YouTube)

Boyce tried to get the victim to let him in her home. She convinced him that she didn’t have any money in her house, but that she had $100 in her car. After receiving the money, he decided to attempt to connect with her by forcing her to add him on Facebook.

After pointing out which profile was his and watching her add him, Boyce told her that he would pay her back before leaving the scene on a bike.

Later that day, according to the probable cause affidavit, the two exchanged messages on Facebook. Boyce reached out to let the victim know that he was going to pay her back and to ask her out.

“Look just know imma pay you back, it’s an [expletive] way to meet but [expletive] you was to (sic) pretty to rob,” Boyce wrote.

“I believe you man. I can tell you’re sweet. Times just get rough I know that,” the victim replied.

Feeling like there was a connection there, Boyce tried to play on being called sweet. He expressed that he felt bad and asked for her Cash App so he could send her the money when he had it.

Damien Boyce Had His Heart Stolen During An Armed Robbery

Boyce then decided it was time to shoot his shot. He said, “For real. I’m [expletive] we had to meet up on them terms. Come chill with me. I swear I’m no on that type of timing.”

Nothing says come hangout with me because I’m trustworthy like robbing someone at gunpoint. Unfortunately for eligible bachelor armed robber, this victim is already taken.

“I do have a man. You know I can’t do that LOL. I wish you the best tho,” the victim replied.

That had to sting. Not as bad as being charged with armed robbery, which Boyce was charged with on Wednesday. He was also charged with carrying a handgun as a felon and held on a $7,500 bond.

Amazingly, Damien Boyce was also arrested in a separate robbery that took place earlier this month. He’s accused of shooting two people and hitting a third person in the head with a brick. He faces robbery resulting in bodily injury and battery by means of a deadly weapon, among other charges

Could love have changed his armed robbing ways? We’ll never know.

Written by Sean Joseph

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