Man Celebrates 109th Birthday With The Help Of A Belly Dancer

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Morrie Markoff celebrated his 109th birthday back in January and had a much better party than you did. Chances are his was much more memorable as well. That’s because he celebrated his latest trip around the sun with the help of a belly dancer.

If I had to guess you spent your birthday, if you celebrated it at all, busting your ass at a 9-5 that you can’t stand then it was off to Applebee’s with the wife and kids for a bite to eat. That was followed with a few hours of sleep before locking horns again with jerks at the office.

Man Celebrates 109th Birthday With With The Help Of A Belly Dancer
Man turns 109 and celebrates birthday with a belly dancer (Image Credit: TMZ)

There wasn’t even the whiff of a belly dancer helping you celebrate another year of life. Maybe if you live to 109 like Morrie then you’ll earn yourself a belly dance.

There’s no word on whether or not any of his previous 108 birthdays involved a belly dancer, but if I had to guess this was a once in a lifetime experience.

And Morrie made the most of it. His jaw dropped open when the belly dancer first entered the room and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He showed off a little of his own dance moves during the performance, bowed down a few times, and smiled from ear to ear.

That’s how you celebrate being one of the oldest people living. His grandson, Thomas Markoff, told TMZ that the birthday took place Jan. 11 and was celebrated at his downtown Los Angeles condo.

Man Celebrates 109th Birthday With With The Help Of A Belly Dancer

Let’s Normalize Belly Dancer Birthdays

In addition to celebrating his birthday with belly dancers, Morrie is also a blogger. He’s currently the oldest living blogger. Although the last post on his blog is from February and says he’s taking a break.

Much like he earned the belly dancer birthday party, he’s earned a break from living the blogger life.

Most of us aren’t going to see triple-digits, let alone 109. I say we start breaking out those belly dancer birthdays sooner. One less Applebee’s birthday isn’t going to hurt.

Written by Sean Joseph

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