Man Arrested For Stealing TVs From Walmart Then Selling Them In The Parking Lot

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Some ideas are better than others. Stealing TVs from a Walmart then turning around and selling them in the parking lot sounds like a good idea, but it’s not.

There is no skipping the middle man when it comes to selling TVs. A Knoxville man found that out over the weekend.

Donald Kirkland/Image Credit: JIMS Reports

Officers were called to a Walmart in Knoxville around 9 p.m. on Saturday night. When they arrived they found Donald Kirkland in possession of several stolen items.

Kirkland initially ran from officers, but was taken into custody.

According to the police report, Kirkland told the arresting officers that he stolen three TVs, a karaoke machine, and some camping equipment from the Walmart. He also told them he was selling the stolen items in the parking lot.

You can’t sell them in parking lot

The manager of the Walmart confirmed that he saw Kirkland put one of the TVs into a cart while inside the store. Which brings up a couple of questions.

Where did he hide the other items? And how was he able to make it to the parking lot without paying for them? It sounds to me like his whole business plan unraveled when stayed in the parking lot.

Anyway, Kirkland was charged with theft of merchandise.

It’s not known if he was also given an “A” for effort. Or some sort of innovation or stupidity award – depending on how you look at it – for attempting to sell the stolen merchandise in the parking lot.

Written by Sean Joseph

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