Man Arrested For Stealing Monkeys Says He’ll Do It Again

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If there’s ever been someone who has shown less remorse for stealing two monkeys than this guy, I’ve yet to come across them.

Davion Irvin, 24, was arrested in connection with stealing two emperor tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo. According to CBS News, he was sure to tell investigators that if released he would do it again.

Irvin pointed to a love of animals as his motive for stealing from the Zoo, which had seen a slew of suspicious activity. He told police that on the night of the theft, he waited until dark and scaled a fence to get into the zoo. Once inside, he cut the metal mesh of the monkeys’ enclosure and once he had them in his possession he made his escape.

Surprisingly, Irvin didn’t have a getaway vehicle ready to hightail it to the abandoned home in a Dallas suburb where he stashed the monkeys. Nope. He used the Dallas area’s light rail system to flee from the zoo.

I’m not sure what you have on your scorecard, but stealing two monkeys from the zoo and escaping via public transportation is one of the most brazen crimes I’ve ever read about.

Police managed to track Irvin down and rescued the two tamarins from the abandoned house.

They were sure to get a picture of one monkey in the closet.

Irvin is facing both burglary and animal cruelty charges for stealing the monkeys. He is also charged in connection with some of the incidents that occurred at the Dallas Zoo last month. He’s got another burglary charge to deal with after allegedly releasing a clouded leopard named Nova.

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