Man Arrested For Attacking Asian Woman In NYC Was Out On Parole For Killing His Mother

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The New York City Police Department reported Wednesday that a man arrested for what appears to be a hate crime was on parole for the 2002 slaying of his own mother. Brandon Elliot, 38, was arrested Wednesday in what police describe as a hate crime for punching and kicking a 65-year-old Asian woman in front of an apartment building on W. 43rd between 8th and 9th.

“F–k you, you don’t belong here,” Elliot reportedly yelled as he assaulted the woman, according to police sources who told the New York Post details from the scene.

What was Elliot doing in the neighborhood after murdering his mother with a kitchen knife? He was sentenced to 15 years to life and made the cut for parole in 2019.

NYC attack Brandon Elliot Asian woman

In Monday’s attack, Vilma Kari, a Filipino American reportedly suffered a broken pelvis. The good news, if there is any here, is that Kari was released after just one day in the hospital.

As for what Elliot was doing in the area, he was staying in a Four Points by Sheraton on West 40th which has been turned into a homeless shelter by the city.

“When you’re releasing people from prison and you’re putting them in homeless shelters, you’re asking for trouble,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea told PIX 11.

In December, Shea called 2020 a “dark period” for crime in the city. “The confluence of COVID into the protests into all of the debate about defunding the police — I can’t imagine a darker period.”

According to the NY Post, there have been 33 hate crimes targeting Asians so far in 2021. There were 28 total in 2020 and three in 2019.

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  1. WHAT? Did those hotel workers (or whatever that building is) just watch that whole attack and then CLOSE THE DOOR?!? What the hell kind of world are we living in??? I get it’s the big city and NYC is a hellhole, but Jesus. Both of those dudes didn’t want to help that little lady, even when the attack was over?!? I’m disappointed.

    • If the security guards would have tried to help, then it would have been a main stream media hate crime- Breaking news from CNN: Man out for walk assaulted by three security guards and lady breaks his fall.

  2. The three big security men seem like they could have easily jumped in and stopped the attack. Not going to play Monday Morning UFC Fighter but dudes, have some pride with your work and try to be a hero once, instead of staying comfy in your fake security job protecting luxury apartment.

  3. Annually, 85-90 percent of murders and non-fatal acts of violence are committed by those in the 18-64 year-old age bracket (based on known information about the offenders).

    With hate crimes, the FBI categorizes known offenders in two groups: 18 and over, and those under 18; there were 4,734 offenders 18 and older, and 865 under 18.

    Let’s apply the 18-64 year-old figure to hate crimes. According to the U.S. Census, there are 170 million whites aged 18-64, and 25 million blacks; that’s nearly 7 times more whites than blacks in the 18-64 bracket.

    Per the FBI’s most recent hate crime data, from 2019, Asians are approximately 2 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime perpetrated by a black than a white.

    How did I conclude this? 95 whites committed a hate crime against Asians in 2019, and blacks committed 30; 95 divided by 30 is 3.2, and 7 divided by 3.2 is slightly more than 2.

    One out of every approximate 833,000 blacks committed an anti-Asian hate crime (25 million divided by 30); however, one out of every 1.79 million whites committed the same (170 million divided by 95).

    That is all.

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