Male Canadian Lawmakers Parade Around In Pink Heels To ‘Support’ Women

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The circus never ends.

Male members of Canada’s parliament paraded around the office in pink high heels Thursday in order to bring awareness to violence targeting women.

The stunt was part of the “Hope in Heels” event sponsored by Halton Women’s Place, a shelter in Ontario.

“Violence against women is still prevalent in our society,” Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra tweeted. “Hope in Heels is an event that spreads awareness on violence against women while encouraging men and boys to be part of the solution. We wore their signature pink heels in support to this important cause.”

The video shows the men walking around the conference table in a cringey conga line, shaking their hips and clapping.

Liberal MP Karina Gould shared pictures of her male peers sporting the hot pink heels.

“Educating men and boys is part of the solution, and it is all of our responsibilities to end gender based violence,” Gould tweeted.

Coincidental Timing?

The timing of this event is particularly interesting.

On Tuesday, a self-identified transgender woman was arrested for crawling into bed with a woman in a women’s shelter and sexually assaulting her.

Police processed Desiree Anderson — also known as Cody D’Entremont — as female. And a police spokesperson told the Windsor Star the outlet should respect the suspect’s gender identity.

Male Canadian Lawmakers Parade Around In Pink Heels To 'Support' Women
(Credit: Windsor Police Service)

Last August, a self-identified trans woman named Stephanie — or Shane Jacob Green — was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault at a women’s shelter in Parry Sound, Ontario.

Already a known sex offender, “Stephanie” raped a woman while staying at the shelter.

A law enforcement source who spoke to the Sun said Green “really seems to know how the shelter system works, and because it’s 2022 and in the current climate, workers at the shelters feel they have to let Green stay.”

In July, a British Columbia woman who escaped domestic violence told Reddux a women’s shelter made her leave after she objected to its gender self-identification policy. When she complained about biological men in the shelter, workers reportedly accused her of being “transphobic” and evicted her from the shelter.

And in 2019, Vancouver Rape Relief (Canada’s oldest rape shelter) lost its city funding for refusing to accept biological males.

So, yeah, violence against women is a problem.

Will these transgender rapists go to women’s prisons to continue terrorizing the female population? Probably.

So, by prancing around in heels, I’m sure those lawmakers really thought they were doing something honorable.

But instead of performative clown shows, I’d suggest the Canadian parliament enact actual policy to protect these women.

Reducing women to heels and dresses is not helpful.

We are, yet again, looking at a bunch of grown men mocking what it means to be a woman.

The aim of “Hope in High Heels” is for men and boys to “show support for women experiencing domestic violence.”

But all I see are silly beta men prancing around and laughing in the world’s dumbest game of musical chairs.

Male Canadian Lawmakers Parade Around In Pink Heels To 'Support' Women

I’m certain victims of domestic and sexual violence don’t feel very supported by this mockery. And just a quick look at the replies confirms I’m not alone in my thinking.

We don’t need men to be women. We need men to be men who step up to protect women.

But, truthfully, what happened in Canadian Parliament Thursday is a perfect metaphor for what’s actually happening in both Canada and the United States.

A bunch of virtue signalers endlessly walking around in circles instead of fixing a serious problem.

Written by Amber Harding

Amber is a Midwestern transplant living in Murfreesboro, TN. She spends most of her time taking pictures of her dog, explaining why real-life situations are exactly like "this one time on South Park," and being disappointed by the Tennessee Volunteers.


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