Malcolm Jenkins Is A Hypocritical Fraud

You remember Malcolm Jenkins.  The guy who cried when Drew Brees said he was going to stand for the National Anthem. The head of the Player’s Association. The guy who went on Instagram and cried.

You remember. He said:

“Oh, this man had a different opinion than me. I’m going to get on Instagram and I’m going to cry. How dare he say that he’s going to stand for the national anthem and reference his two grandfathers who fought against Nazis. 

“How dare he say he’s going to stand for national anthem. Tears are coming down my cheeks. I’m a grown man and somebody had a different opinion than me. I’m crying. Oh my God, how could you do this Drew Brees?

“How could you stand for the national anthem?  How could you show respect for your grandfathers who fought actual Nazis. Don’t you understand? I’m pretending to fight Nazis everyday that I make up in my head on social media.”

Malcolm Jenkins hasn’t said anything about Desean Jackson all week. He hasn’t said one thing about Desean Jackson’s anti-semitic comments suggesting that Hitler was right.

On Friday, Malcolm Jenkins finally sat down in front of his computer and decided to say something.

He said Jewish people aren’t their problem. He said Jewish people were distracting from their purpose which is Black Lives Matter.

Hold up a minute.  Malcolm Jenkins told us that silence was violence. Malcolm Jenkins told us that silence was complicity.

One of his colleagues in the NFL just shared an anti-semitic opinion and he said Jewish people aren’t their problem.

Excuse me?  Jewish people didn’t do anything.

They were attacked by one of your colleagues in the NFL, Malcolm.  Maybe I’m mistaken but it seems to me that anti-semitism has been a problem for thousands of years.

What your colleague in the NFL shared was the same stereotypes that fed the Holocaust. It is the same stereotypes that has fed anti-semitism throughout history.

And you are saying Jewish people aren’t your problem? And they are a distraction from the things you really care about?

I’m sorry, the NFL social justice warriordom and the NBA’s social justice warriordom both went up in flames today.

Because what you found out is these people don’t care about truth and justice. They don’t care about trying to make the world a better place. They want someone to blame and if it requires looking internally and casting blame at anyone who looks like anything like them, it’s a distraction.

Can you imagine if a white player in the NBA — in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement — said, “Hey, you know what? This whole Black Lives Matter movement is a big distraction.”

That player would have gotten run out of the league.

Drew Brees had to apologize more for saying he stands for the national anthem than Desean Jackson had to apologize for sharing anti-semitic opinions.

NFL players were more offended by Drew Brees standing to support hi grandfathers who fought Nazis than they were by Desean Jackson’s anti-semitism.

And Malcolm Jenkins who is supposed to be the voice of reason, who NFL owners have given tens of millions of dollars to, his opinion is that Jewish issues are a distraction because Jewish people aren’t black peoples’ problem.

This is so insanely hypocritical and stupid that it should be the number one story in sports right behind Woj’s comments.

In one fell swoop of an afternoon and morning, everything that has been going on, the Charge of the Woke Brigade got absolutely flattened because we saw that they are hypocritical chumps.

When push came to shove, this was a complete collapse.

Everyone at ESPN who has — in any way — that has allowed Woj and the culture he represents when he said “fuck you” to a United States senator from his ESPN email address should be ashamed.

Everyone who has, in any way, given money to Malcolm Jenkins and allowed him to attain any measure of power — including ESPN who employs him — should be ashamed.

What you are seeing is that these guys are 100% complete and total shills. They are untrustworthy.

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  1. Clay,

    I’m so glad to see you, Jason and the Outkick staff calling out all this hypocritical, woke BS.

    But the unfortunate ending here is that people like me who loved and lived for football (and a little hockey), and the same for those who love other sports don’t want it to be entangled in politics and societal strife. We want it as distractions from the toils and tribulations of life. And the fact is we will turn it off rather than hold our nose. We’ll find other distractions rather than be subjected to offensive shaming from the mal-educated, the ill-informed and be woke scolded.

    It’s all just very sad. I don’t see any other outcome.

  2. Clay and Jason remind all these supposed suppressed, ungrateful people that as you guys on OutKick do so well in making this phrase the perfect answer. “The truth will set you free.” So great job fellows.

  3. Thank you for the continued honesty. You are exactly right Clay, in one day the entire façade of the NBA and NFL seeming to care about social justice issues came crashing down. It is about nothing more than victimhood and blaming make believe boogeymen. It is all so fake.

  4. A grown man crying about another man’s opinions. In public. It’s so sad I have to laugh.

    When I listened to the Outkick Youtube video yesterday, Clay was on another level. He was so pumped up about kids returning to school and Wokecenter. Plus, I think Clay enjoyed being able to say the f-word by quoting Woj, keeping his promise to his wife not to cuss on these videos. Hahaha.

  5. Travis, thank you for this great article which needed to be written….And from what I see, according to Malcom, the “focus” does not include stopping inner cities from being torn apart. The “focus” does not include coming out against black children being murdered in inner cities during these weeks of violence. The “focus” does not even include coming out against spreading the hate of a monster who sent men, women, and children to gas chambers. Oh, no, the “focus” is only to manufacture, through lies and deceit, a very specific type of outrage aimed at building Malcom’s brand and getting him sweet gigs at CNN. At CNN, he’ll fit right in with some of those white-liberal-elitist creeps who are also trained in the art of crocodile tears…………… I believe it was Maya Angelou who said, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Well Malcom, you just showed us readers here at Outkick who you are. And do you know what? We believe you.

  6. Travis…one more comment….I love and appreciate the hard work you and Jason are doing here at Outkick. My eyes have been opened by reading Whitlock’s articles. I cannot “unsee” the truths to which he has led me. I had never hear of Tony Timpa or Daniel Shaver, let alone witnessed their horrific murders. I was jolted to my core when watching the Daniel Shaver execution. I searched for it on the internet and found the complete video. Whitlock is so right when he states that the media loves nothing more than to exploit and capitalize on pain of black people. That, of course, is why we never hear about white deaths by cops……In, truth, what we see going on is not an issue of race, but an issue of those who want to destroy our country by pitting working class citizens against each other, versus those who want to save the country. While Malcom Jenkins is at home in his mansion today, building his brand (along with completely-without-integrity talentless hacks like Skip Bayless and Mike Florio), I will be convincing friends to support honesty, courage, and the saving of our Nation, by signing up for Outkick.

  7. Quick, somebody tell me the moral difference between BLM and Believe all Women. Neither movement actually believes the BS they’re throwing around. Each only believe their own sentiments when they can use it as a cudgel against white, heterosexual men.

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