Make Your Week 8 Outkick Picks

It’s that time again. If you’re ready: GO!

Last week: 12 of you went 9-for-10 last week. Nice job. T-shirts heading your way.

Most Outkick pickers got Bama, Auburn, Texas A&M and Georgia right, but Washington State’s meltdown tripped up a lot of sane, sensible players.

This weekend:

* Bama’s favored over UT by 36 points (we use live odds, so this may go higher)

* Oklahoma State is favored over Texas by 7

* Penn State’s spotting Michigan nearly 10 points

* Plus: LSU – Ole Miss, USC – Notre Dame, Auburn – Arkansas & more

One item worth noting: we’ve added Outkick Consensus data, so once you make your picks you can see how Outkick Pickers feel about the slate of games. So you can see that even with 36 points, nobody seems to be taking the Vols…

I’ve made my picks for the weekend here. Make yours here!

Make Your Outkick Picks Now!

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.