Major League Baseball Becomes First League To Partner With CBD Company

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Major League Baseball announced Wednesday that it will be partnering with Charlotte’s Web, a CBD cannabis company.

The move makes MLB the first of the four major sports leagues to become affiliated with CBD.

Charlotte’s Web makes CBD products such as gummies and topical sprays. Their website boasts that their products “help players and fans stay calm under pressure, improve focus, recover faster, and sleep better.”

CBD has become immensely popular in recent years to help with reducing inflammation and easing stress. According to MLB’s press release, Charlotte’s Web will now become the “Official CBD of Major League Baseball.”

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Personally I welcome the move as it appears much healthier for players to use CBD-type products rather than painkillers, opioids and God knows what else.

But it does seem a bit hypocritical. Just a few years ago, MLB would fine players for marijuana-related incidents, while minor league players would face lengthy suspensions. However, now with an enormous economic profit to be made, the league turns the other way and are not only allowing, but actively promoting CBD products.

Despite the Food and Drug Administration not certifying CBD products, the financial implications of MLB’s deal will be enormous. There is no doubt that this has an economic and money-making component to it. In 2021, the CDC market brought in over $4.7 billion in total sales.

Fans can expect to see the Charlotte’s Web CBD ads during upcoming MLB telecasts, as well as the official logo will be on their various products.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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