Mahomes & McCaffrey Show the NFL is the Ultimate Meritocracy

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Patrick Mahomes got an incredible deal. So did Christian McCaffrey.

To me the NFL represents the ultimate meritocracy in American life.

If you think about it, in the larger context, the NFL is about rewarding people who succeed. It doesn’t matter what they look like.

Patrick Mahomes is the highest paid contracted-for athlete in the history of American team sports.

Christian McCaffrey is the highest paid running back in the history of the NFL. White guy, black guy.

The point is: it doesn’t matter what your racial background is in the NFL anymore.

You end up getting paid what you are worth, period. And it is not complicated.

That’s what capitalism does. That’s what success does.

That’s what the NFL gets right. 

You get compensated based on your talent — what you look like doesn’t matter at all.

What matters is whether or not you perform at the highest level.

Two highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL — Russell Wilson and now Patrick Mahomes.

The highest paid running back in the NFL is white.

Both of those were drafted in the top 10 — meaning the NFL doesn’t care at all about your background. All they care about is your performance. They look forward, not backwards when they are trying to evaluate.

That is why American democracy is the standard that should govern around the world.

Because we believe what matters is your talent, not anything else. You should be compensated as much as what you are worth. That is what capitalism is.

It is also why Colin Kaepernick is so incredibly awful as a representative for the NFL in any way. Because what he believes, if you listened to Armando Salguero on our show.

He pointed out that Colin Kaepernick is anti-American because he consistently defends Fidel Castro. This is a guy who is anti-everything sports is supposed to be about.

He gets paid well despite the fact that he is not, in any way, a top playmaker. He gets paid well despite the fact that all he is does is denigrate America.

If Kaepernick said what he said in Cuba about Cuba, he would go to prison.

If he said it in North Korea, he and his family would entirely disappear.  

If he said it in China, which is right now in the midst of trying to eliminate democracy in Hong Kong, he would go to prison for years.

In America, he gets paid millions of dollars. And yet he wants to argue that nothing is different at all.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Well said…that’s what makes America great…the meritocracy aspect of freedom. If you have the ability and the drive and the fortitude…you can succeed like nowhere else in the world.
    Thank you, Clay, for having the fortitude to ignore all the naysayers when you were getting this project off the ground, and to stay the course!!!
    Best wishes,

  2. I agree that the NFL is a meritocracy, and it is probably the closest thing to a true meritocracy out there. But, it is also tempered by capitalism and, to a lesser extent, interpersonal politics. You don’t always have the best player on the field that gives you the best results. You have the best player at the optimum price who is not in the doghouse with the coaching staff.

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