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This day has been a long time coming: Governor Ron DeSantis has finally announced his run for the presidency in 2024.

It’s time for Final Thoughts powered by 4Patriots. 

We knew this was coming and, now, let the games begin.

So here’s the deal, I, like many of you, am very conflicted right now. 

I am a Trump supporter and I’ve been one since before he won in 2016 and before it was cool to be MAGA. I’ve spent the good portion of my television career advocating for, defending and hyping up Donald J Trump and I’m damn proud of that. 

I wish he was my president now. He’s been royally screwed over and he’s managed to win fights even when the fights have been unfair. He’s also lost some battles and sadly, a big war in 2020. 

Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, is also a winner. The state of Florida is a shining example of freedom, of red state refuge AND proof that a conservative can win and win big- even amongst groups that do not always vote red. Ron did that. He did it the first time with the help of Donald Trump. He did it the second time on his own merit. 

There is a reason Ron DeSantis is polling so high and there is a reason the Trump Team is nervous, whether they’ll admit it or not. 

He’s got a lot of “Ws” in his column beyond just economic success in Florida, he’s been on the forefront of fighting for education, on the fight to keep radical Leftist indoctrination out of schools and libraries. He’s also fought against illegal immigration while STILL winning with Latinos and Hispanics. 

That win in Miami-Dade in 2022 was huge. It says a lot. We have to be able to win in urban areas. We have to be able to convince wary voting blocs that freedom and capitalism and conservatism IS THE ANSWER. Ron did that. 

SARASOTA, FL – MAY 15: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks after signing three education bills on the campus of New College of Florida in Sarasota, Fla. on Monday, May 15, 2023. (Photo by Thomas Simonetti for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

He’s also a dedicated husband and family man, a veteran and — in the scheme of politics — a young man. We NEED all of those things. 

Those things don’t just win on social media, they win with suburban women and they win elections.

Folks, it is NOT a bad thing to have two great candidates vying for this nomination. It’s a fricken BLESSING!

Yet, I can’t help but be reminded of the one time I pissed off Beyoncé fans and the onslaught lasted for months.

I feel like Ron DeSantis is about to walk into the MAGA version of that bee hive and that’s probably not super fair. 

But how he handles it will be very telling. 

My advice to him is to punch back, but very selectively. He cannot be afraid of Trump and he can’t ignore Trump. I say this as a Trump supporter and someone who knows damn good and well that Trump can take it and will respect Ron for having the guts to step up. This is going to be a battle and as much as I detest in-fighting, this is what’s gotta be. This is our situation. 

I just hope both men can stay out of the weeds because I don’t care if one of them eats pudding with his fingers or if the other eats Big Macs with his freakin toes. Don’t care.

You know what I DO want to hear from both men? I want to hear how they plan to win Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We win those, we win the White House. We lose those, again, we will all suffer through a Joe plus Kamala or even a Gavin Newsom reign of terror and by the time they get done with election integrity destruction tactics, we can basically say hasta la vista to winning modern day elections from here on out. 

My advice for Ron DeSantis is to set it up like this: If I thought Trump could win, I wouldn’t be running in 2024.

It’s as simple as that. 

He needs to convince the MAGA crowd that he can win a general and he needs to hone in on that every single time he opens his mouth. 

This is probably going to get ugly and blood will be drawn. My hope is that once these two duke it out, we can quickly tourniquette the hell out of the party and head into our next and most important battle. The general election.

The Democrats have more than an election machine, they have an election wood-chipper. 

Hold on to your MAGA hats folks, this is about to get wild. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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