Madison LeCroy Claims ARod Wanted A ‘Side Chick’ While Engaged To JLo

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Would you blame ARod for looking into a “side chick” while engaged to Jennifer Lopez?

Reality TV star Madison LeCroy is out with a bold claim that ARod was “clearly” looking for a “side chick” when he (allegedly) went prowling on Instagram and decided to shoot his shot with the star of “Southern Charm.”

And I don’t blame ARod one bit here — if he’s guilty as charged.

On the “Pillows and Beer” podcast,” LeCroy explained to show host Austen Kroll how ARod approached her back in 2020. Again, it’s all…allegedly. “I’m being f–king catfished. The dude who’s dating [Jennifer Lopez] is not in my DMs right now,” LeCroy recalled thinking at the time.

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“I told [Rodriguez], I said, ‘If you’re looking for a side chick,’ which clearly he was, ‘it wasn’t gonna be me.’ I’m wifey material.”

What was ARod’s pitch after sliding into the DMs?

LeCroy claims the formerly ‘roided-up slugger asked her what gyms were open in her neighborhood.

That sure sounds like ARod. Remember, the guy has dated a laundry list of shredded women that sure come across as if he hooked up with them on social media. His current girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro, is a gym rat from Canada who is always lifting something.

Kroll, who was dating LeCroy at the time when ARod went on his alleged prowling expedition, noted ARod kept FaceTiming the reality show star.

“You were like, ‘This motherf–ker’s FaceTimed me three or four times today.’ And then he, like, got mad at Madison because she didn’t answer when she was on the boat or something. And she was like, ‘I’m not at your beck and call.’”

LeCroy also claims ARod offered her trips to Miami.

In response, ARod’s spokesman says this is all ridiculous and these are “false narratives.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s pump the brakes here, ARod spokesman.

I’m 100% not here to persecute the guy over these allegations that have been going on for years. I’m here to celebrate ARod if these allegations are true. The best thing ARod could’ve ever done with his life — outside of getting like $250 million from the Rangers and then Boras getting a ton of cash out of the Yankees — was to get as far as possible away from Jennifer Lopez.

Have you seen how miserable Ben Affleck is with that woman? And he’s stupid enough to marry her!

ARod was an absolute genius because he took full advantage of the relationship with JLo. He ended up at all the great events, he was there when JLo rang in the new year in Times Square, he revitalized his public persona via JLo and now he owns a chunk of the Timberwolves without having to put up with her moody ass constantly bitching.

Now ARod has his new girlfriend fly in from Windsor, Ontario on weekends, they do what couples do on weekends and then she goes back to her ordinary life of training clients how to lose weight and gain muscle.

ARod is 47. This is the ideal setup.

Why would ARod be looking for a ‘side chick’ while engaged to JLo?

Again, this is all hypothetical, but as a guy near ARod’s age, this would come down to production in the sack. If I were a betting man, I’d put $100 on Jennifer Lopez not being down with Red Bull vodkas at a fun spot followed by hot tub sex.

JLo’s sex production is probably about as steady as Chuck Knoblauch’s throwing arm when he had the yips.

I’m just sayin’.

JLo is clearly at that point in life where she’s a professional pain in the ass and it wore on ARod. Again, disclaimer, this is all hypothetical talk. I have not traded texts with Alex. I don’t have his number. This is just a guy observing from the outside.

He was like, hey, I’m in my mid-40s, she’s sleeping by 9, I want to rage when the kids are at their mother’s house and here I am wasting my prime production years.

And the guy (allegedly) made a call to the bullpen. He (allegedly) isn’t the first and (allegedly) won’t be the last.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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