Madden Rightfully Roasted for Laughable Colin Kaepernick Addition

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Tuesday, Madden ignored the numbers and opted to turn off its audience by adding Colin Kaepernick to its 2021 video game. The decision to add a non-football player to a football game is absurd and laughable. Furthermore, EA’s approach to going as woke as live sports included rating the former backup QB ahead of half the starting QBs.

A decision this dumb can only be handled one way: with hilarious tweets dunking all over the former respectable video game company.

Just brilliant work from Twitter:

This won’t help with that.



This next one…

Insert your favorite emoji.

Sports are self-destructing.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This tweet floored me:

    “Has Madden 21 created a mode that allows you to lose your job for failing to read a defense?”

    Maybe when you play him, you are only given one option to throw to before the game makes you run for a loss or throw a pick.

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