Mac Jones Credits Girlfriend For Helping Him Learn Pats Playbook

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It turns out New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones had a secret weapon during training camp where he was learning the playbook and the help wasn’t coming from Cam Newton, who was reportedly learning the playbook from the first-rounder. Jones credits his girlfriend, Sophie Scott, as the secret weapon who helped him with the playbook by taking part in walkthroughs in their yard.

Appearing on the Lou Merloni & Christian Fauria radio show on WEEI, Jones explained how Sophie handled her role and that played a part in sealing the QB1 decision for Bill Belichick.

“She does a good job. Most of the time we just walkthrough in the yard. She helps me a lot,” Jones told the radio guys.

Sophie isn’t just some Instagram girlfriend updating her Instagram Story and pumping out Tiktoks in her free time. She was a high school soccer player who was recruited at the division one level, but two ACL injuries derailed her athletics career at the college level. A graduate of the University of Alabama’s Kinesiology and Exercise Science department, Scott was working in physical therapy before the big move to New England with Mac.

Add in the fact that she was thrown into the emotional world of Alabama football and you have a girlfriend who is completely capable of helping Mac with his walkthroughs. Imagine how well she knows that playbook. Now imagine how well Cam Newton knew that playbook. The guy was learning from a rookie!

From all the reports out of New England, Bill Belichick has his new franchise quarterback with a franchise girlfriend. The Patriots might’ve been down in 2020, but don’t be surprised to see them right back in the playoffs — soon — thanks to the Jones-Scott brain trust.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. The great part about growing up in BAMA is the girls knew football, too. I know this young lady is not from Alabama, but that is not the point. She became part of OUR culture… I raised two girls (college soccer players). They never asked me questions during a BAMA game, but by the time they were in HS we had a Thursday night tradition of Football 101.

    I will bet you that 90% of BAMA girls over age 16 can tell tell you the difference in a cornerback and a quarterback, know that a Guard is on either side of the Center…. and 75% can recognize a “Cover 2” defense.

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