Luke Bryan Hilariously Pranks His Mom Into Thinking He Is Being Blackmailed With Help From Comedian Danae Hays

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Luke Bryan’s mother was sent into a fit of panic over a recent phone call. However, it was just a prank.

The country music star and his wife Caroline teamed up with famous internet comedian and stand-up comic Danae Hays to pull it off and it couldn’t have gone any better. Just not so much for his mom.

Hays, a Nashville resident with more than two million followers on TikTok, is known for her dry wit and hilarious hijinks. The former Alabama softball shortstop is a woman (this’ll make sense later) and describes herself as “Rowdy. Southern. And here for a good time.”

The latter is particularly true.

Although Hays is seemingly always up to something, her prank calls are next level. She puts on a thick southern accent and lets it rip with the most ridiculous questions, requests, or commentary.


What’s y’all’s opinion? Should they be allowed to be in the same casket?

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Hays never misses and that was the case again earlier this week (or whenever it was filmed) as she turned her focus toward LeClaire Bryan, Luke’s 75-year-old mother. The concept was simple, but significant.

Luke Bryan was being blackmailed.

With Luke and Caroline in shambles at her side, Hays got on the phone with LeClaire and started to threaten her and her son. “Sh*t’s about to go down.”

Hays said that she had some compromising photos of Luke and was prepared to release them to the public through her friend in Nashville. She made it very clear that LeClaire better start talking or “sh*t was about to hit the fan.”

In that moment, LeClaire hung up and immediately called her son. Luke answered, knowing full well what she was calling about.

LeClaire went off. The panic in her voice and frustration with her son came through the phone, which was on speaker as Luke, Caroline and Hays tried to hold it together.

Eventually, after letting his mom sweat it out a little bit, Luke let LeClaire in on the joke and they all had a good laugh. Here is how it all went down:


Who woulda thunk all those prank calls I made as a kid would lead us to this 😂

♬ original sound – danaehays

Poor LeClaire. She thought that her son was in trouble, but it was all just a big practical joke. At least she was able to laugh at her own expense, because dang, that was funny!

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