Lucy Robson Golfs In Scuba Suit, OSU Fan Wanted For Stealing Cigs & Wasted In Vegas

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There’s something strange going on in Las Vegas this week. Suddenly the massive resorts are treating you like it’s the 1980s and they really care about you as a customer. Look below where you’ll find Station Casinos will sanitize your car while it’s in valet. Big casino executives are greeting customers at the front door. Resort fees are suddenly old news or have been greatly reduced. Caesars even rolled out Wayne Newton to greet people returning to spend money. People are excited just to get into the front door after being locked in their hellhole homes where they had to be around family 24/7. The days of saddling up to the bar and pounding a dozen are back.

Sahara says they’re temporarily eliminating the resort fee that so many people hate. As for other casinos, it’s going to be a cat & mouse game to figure out which ones will keep the fee. MGM Grand is still slapping it on room charges. But Vegas is open again and it’s up to you to find a deal that suits your tastes. Jonesing to make a trip to the Stratosphere & up to the observation deck? It’s open.

Starbucks and the Strat Cafe are the only restaurants open on the casino level of the Strat. Those who pay to take the elevator up to the Observation Deck (with a limit of four guests per elevator ride), will find 108 Eats serving cookies, ice cream and sandwiches, and a bartender ready and waiting to pour them a cocktail at the 108 Drinks bar. Over the course of 20 minutes this afternoon, however, only four people were spotted up there.

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