LSU Players Try On Air-Conditioned Helmets

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The LSU Tigers’ new helmets appear to be built for more than just protecting their noggins. Some players got a chance to check out some brain buckets that feature air conditioning.

Jeez. do they feature fine Corinthian leather too?

It’s safe to say that even with that small sample of players who took it for a test drive, the new air-conditioned lids are a hit.

As you heard in the video, LSU will be using these puppies for both practices and games this season.

That really seems like a game-changer. Even for games in the fall, where the weather is a bit cooler having a little tube blowing air on your forehead to keep you in the game sounds awesome.

I mean, it’ll probably make a lot of people bust out their best “kids have it so easy these days…” speeches, but hey, who doesn’t love the idea of having something to keep their head cool.

Hell, if there was a hat on the market with this technology I’d buy one (assuming it didn’t make me look like a total ass, which it might).

So, even if Brian Kelly’s bunch isn’t the most talented or best-conditioned team in all of football, they will no doubt have the coolest heads.

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