Female LSU Fans Asked To Name The Tigers’ Quarterback Get Kinda Close, But Not At All

LSU football is still figuring out its identity under first-year head coach Brian Kelly, but it keeps finding ways to win games. The Tigers are 4-2 with victories over Mississippi State and Auburn and could finish the year with as many as eight or nine wins if things continue to go their way.

At the forefront of the LSU program — and any program — is, of course, the quarterback. For the Tigers, that is Arizona State transfer Jayden Daniels. After playing his first three years with the Sun Devils, he joined Kelly’s program during the offseason and won the starting job in training camp.

Through his first six games with LSU, Daniels has played well. He has completed nearly 70% of his passes for 1,215 yards and seven touchdowns with just one interception. The fleet-footed junior has also run the ball 76 times for an average of 4.7 yards per carry and three scores.

LSU QB Jayden Daniels celebrates after a touchdown pass.
Hopefully LSU QB Jayden Daniels never has to see the video of female fans having no idea who he is.
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Although he is new to the team, Daniels has made his presence felt. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the fans who are watching him play have any idea who he is.

That was exemplified last weekend as a group of female Tigers fans were asked to name the starting quarterback. It did not go well.

Nine female LSU students could not name the Tigers’ starting quarterback, Jayden Daniels

Here is how things went down:

  • Hannah said Jason Daniels, which is close but not correct. Half credit.
  • Kate said not Joe Burrow, which is not wrong but not correct.
  • Lauren had no idea.
  • Julia said Joe Burrow, who graduated in 2020.
    • She guessed again and got Jayden’s first name right, but not his last name. Quarter credit, because it took two tries and she only got it half right.
  • Lea guessed Myles Brennan, who was slated to be the starter until Daniels transferred south and led him to retire.
  • Amanda got Daniels’ number and last name right. Jayden escaped her. Half credit.
  • Cameron got the number correct, but didn’t have a name. No points.
  • An unnamed girl said John Gordon McKernan, a walk-on freshman. Though he does play quarterback, he has never seen the field.
  • To close things out, M.C. threw out “Deonta Boutte,” which is a failed attempt at wide receiver “Kayshon Boutte.” That’s worth negative points.

All-in-all, of the nine LSU women asked, they only get 1.25 correct answers when you tally up Hannah, Julia and Amanda. We’ll be generous and not subtract any points for M.C.’s massive failure.

Overall, it was a rough showing.


😭😭😭no one stood a chance

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It just goes to show that no matter who you are or what you do, there is always going to be someone out there who can take your ego down a notch. Daniels will never be Burrow and he has to live with that.

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