LSU Bringing Back Beer Sales, CDC Wellness Checks Are Out

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LSU announced Monday that it will change its COVID protocols at Tiger Stadium. Such changes will include the return of beer sales and the elimination of CDC wellness checks, according to a school spokesperson.

The elimination of wellness checks will increase the speed of entry and alleviate bottlenecking. The school asks all fans to wear masks and that those who drink remain seated. LSU also notes that the SEC rule requiring beers to be poured into cups has been suspended.

According to the Advocate, the CDC wellness check conducted on fans before the Mississippi State game was a four-question assessment of coronavirus symptoms and potential risk.

LSU will host Missouri Saturday at 9 pm ET.

More from the LSU news announcement:

More concessions stands to open, fans are encouraged to try new locations

  • LSU will open all concession stands in the south lower section of Tiger Stadium in order to reduce lines and wait times. LSU Athletics officials remind fans wanting to avoid long lines they should check the LSU Mobile Sports app for locations or follow signs in Tiger Stadium to new concession stand locations on the west, north and east sides of the stadium perimeter. While some stands experienced long wait times, nearby stands remained without any lines throughout the game and at halftime.

Reminder: Masks are required in seating areas

  • LSU Athletics said fans arrived for game one with masks covering the nose and mouth and wore those masks in corridors, concessions and restroom lines. However, a large percentage of fans removed their masks while in their seats in Tiger Stadium. LSU Athletics is reminding fans to wear their masks while in their seats.

Reminder: Fans should remain in their assigned, ticketed seats

  • Open seating areas of Tiger Stadium are designed to provide appropriate physical distancing for LSU fans. LSU Athletics officials are asking fans to please remain in their ticketed seats for the safety of all fans in Tiger Stadium. LSU will increase monitoring of seat locations.

Reminder: Fans can enter any gate and navigate all of Tiger Stadium

  • Fans in general seating can enter through any gate, regardless of what is identified on tickets. The north perimeter of Tiger Stadium will open 3 hours prior to kickoff, and fans can navigate to any seat in Tiger Stadium from there, once all stadium gates are open 2 hours prior to kickoff. Walkways exist on both the east and west sides of the new expansion to navigate to the other sections of the stadium.



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  1. Common sense baby its called Freedom and choice American Citizens are well able to decide for themselves don’t need no stinking bureaucrat to make unlawful orders for us have a beer and enjoy the game.

  2. I went to the MSState game at Baton Rouge. No one, outside of the band and cheerleaders, wore face coverings in the stands. There were enough police to put down an antifa riot that could have enforced the face coverings requirement.

    Given most of the stadium was in the sun for most of the game, the facecoverings would have caused significan health issues for older people in the stands.

    We didn’t have a single problem getting into the stadium. They shouldn’t use that as a reason to end their screening activities.

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