HBO’s ‘Love & Death’ Covers A Famous American Killing And Has A Loaded Cast

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“Love & Death” is officially out on HBO, and hype is through the roof for the series with Elizabeth Olsen.

The limited series from the powerhouse network covers a killing done by Candy Montgomery in Texas in 1980. That’s about as much as I can say without spoiling everything.

The death and subsequent trial of Montgomery are both infamous in the criminal justice system. Now, HBO shines a light on the whole situation with Olsen starring as Candy and Jesse Plemons as Allan Gore – the man Candy wants to have an affair with.

Remember, this is all a true story. If you want to find out how it ends, Google can tell you in a couple seconds. Personally, I was very intrigued to see if “Love & Death” could live up to the hype and be equal to or better than Hulu’s “Candy” with Jessica Biel.

Is “Love & Death” worth watching?

I crushed the first episode (three total are out), and I must admit it was a bit surprising. The expectation in my mind was that the pace would be very quick and over the top.

That’s not at all the path creator David E. Kelley and director Lesli Linka Glatter have taken. It’s a very slow burn. Much slower than Hulu’s “Candy.”

In fact, I’m not sure my pulse ever got above my resting heart rate during the premiere. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but when dealing with one of the most controversial killings in American history, people expect chaos.

Is “Love & Death” worth watching? (Credit: HBO)

There was no chaos to be had in the premiere. None. It’s definitely hinted at towards the end when Candy is in the shower, but overall, the premiere of “Love & Death” was very vanilla. It was about as vanilla as HBO could make it.

Now, does that mean it’s not worth watching? No. It’s definitely worth at least giving a shot but it might be time to recalibrate expectations.

If the premiere is a sign of the pace moving forward, “Love & Death” will be slow as we watch Candy entangle herself in an affair with Allan Gore – a man who is so far below her league it’s comical. Of course, that’s supposed to be the point.

Elizabeth Olsen stars in HBO’s “Love & Death.” The limited series tells the story of Candy Montgomery. (Credit: HBO)

Where will “Love & Death” go from here? At some point, the show has to get to the killing. Hopefully, it happens sooner than later because that’s what the viewers are here for. Overall, it was a disappointing premiere, but there’s no reason to jump ship yet. Perhaps, the slow burn will pay off, but it needs to happen quickly to keep viewers engaged.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. “…a man who is so far below her league it’s comical. Of course, that’s supposed to be the point.”

    David, I think you’re wrong here. Elizabeth is mis-cast in terms of attractiveness. She’s an incredibly pretty woman — the real Candy was NOT PRETTY. But she more than makes up for it in acting ability. It threw me off at first to see this beautiful woman chasing this lump of a man. By the time the affair started, I bought into her boredom and dissatisfaction spurring the infidelity.

    I still half-expected Ms. Olsen to walk out a the curly afro-wig (just Google Candy)…

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