Louisville Wide Receivers Bizarrely High-Five Each Other In The Middle Of Play

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Louisville football did not begin its 2022 season on a high note. The Cardinals got stomped in their season-opener against Syracuse and did not show signs of life during the first half of Week 2.

During UL’s game against UCF on Friday night, a new wrinkle to the offense was debuted. It was rather strange and it is unclear as to whether it was intentional and designed or something that was totally spur of the moment.

As the Cardinals set up around midfield, head coach Scott Satterfield called a pass play with standard crossing pattern for his receivers. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

Marshon Ford and Ahmari Huggins-Bruce came across the middle in an effort to cause commotion amongst the defense. Standard.

However, when the two receivers met in the middle of their routes, they reached down for a low-five.

No, seriously. They low-fived in the middle of the play.

Take a look:

There is no telling what inspired this move. Maybe Ford and Huggins-Bruce have run that route so many times in practice that they decided to just do it themselves? Perhaps it was something that Satterfield has his pass-catchers practice to try and keep them within a certain distance from one another?

That seems like the most logical conclusion. The scheme is called ‘Mesh’ and it’s run all of the time at all levels. But the low-five is a new thing and it was probably to keep the receivers close to one another as they came across the middle.

Who knows.

From the looks of it, they did not accidentally bump hands. The low-five appeared to be deliberate. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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