Louisiana Water Plant Employee Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Peeing In Water Supply

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What happens when you turn the town’s water supply into your personal toilet? If you’re an employee of the water plant you lose your job and you get arrested. It turns out they frown on that kind of behavior.

An employee at a water treatment plant in Louisiana found this out the hard way. While it’s unknown how many times he peed in the water supply, he was caught on camera twice relieving himself directly into a water tank.

Employee Peeing Water Supply
Water plant employee peeing in water supply (Image Credit: YouTube)

The man would move the security camera before doing his deed into the water. He didn’t move it far enough a couple of times last week. He was seen, and heard, standing on a walkway next to the water letting it fly.

57-year-old Michael Mastin was fired last Wednesday afternoon after Ascension Parish officials discovered that he peed into the water the prior Sunday. He was then arrested by the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Mastin was booked into the Parish jail. He was charged with two counts of contaminating water supplies and two counts of criminal damage to critical infrastructure.

Peeing In The Drinking Water Is Way Too Easy

There’s no need for the folks of Ascension Parish to freak out about the water supply. It turns out whatever other things are floating around in the water have kept the water completely safe to drink.

“At no time was the public in danger. All water samples taken to date are in good standing and meet all safe water drinking requirements,” said Ascension Parish President Clint Coinment.

There you have it, the water is perfectly fine. Or so they claim. How safe are we talking here, Clint? East Palestine safe?

Even if the water is in good standing and meets all of the safe water drinking requirements, a guy still took a leak in the drinking water. That’s going to be a tough image to get out of people’s heads.

So is the fact that water is so easily peed in. How often is this going on and not being discovered?

Written by Sean Joseph

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