Louisiana Man Arrested For Allegedly Hitting His Brother In The Head With A Frozen Bag Of Chicken

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People will use anything as a weapon. If you don’t believe that then you just haven’t been paying attention. A couple of weeks ago a woman tried to use a trophy football on her husband. This week we have a Louisiana man who stands accused of using a frozen bag of chicken.

59-year-old Tommy Bouwell was arrested earlier this week after an argument with his brother turned physical. The brothers, according to police, got into an argument in their mobile home in West Monroe, Louisiana on Tuesday evening.

Louisiana Man Tommy Bouwell Frozen Bag of Chicken
Tommy Bouwell’s mugshot (Image Credit: Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office via The Smoking Gun)

It all started when Bouwell’s brother asked him about two windows that had been broken at the home. He responded to the questioning by becoming angry and throwing things at his brother.

According to the police report, Bouwell then grabbed a bag of frozen chicken and hit his brother upside the head with it. But this didn’t end the “fight” between the two.

After hitting his brother with the bag of chicken, he continued to throw frozen food from the freezer at him. The brother was forced to leave the mobile home to get away from Bouwell. When he did so, he was locked out.

The brother refused medical attention after officers arrived at their home. He did, however, want to pursue charges against Bouwell.

Bouwell was arrested on a simple battery charge. His bond was set at $500.

Just Another Day In Life Of This Louisiana Man

As the many others who find themselves in similar situations, the frozen bag of chicken to the side of his brother’s head, wasn’t his first offense that landed him behind bars.

Bouwell has been arrested before. His charges according to The Smoking Gun include aggravated assault, domestic abuse, disturbing the peace, and theft.

A Google search of Tommy Bouwell’s name reveals several of his other run-ins with the law. He was accused of swinging golf clubs at meter readers, threatening his girlfriend, and just last month he allegedly attempted to stab two women for not selling him drugs.

One thing is very clear about Bouwell, he knows how to make headlines.

Written by Sean Joseph

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