Louisiana Governor Threatens College Football In Budget Impasse

The state of Lousiana is in the midst of a serious budget crisis. So tonight the newly elected governor, John Bel Edwards, delivered a statewide address to make clear the dire circumstances. The state, put simply, is running out of money. 

Now he didn’t want to overstate the situation or cause anyone to panic BUT BY GOD DID HE JUST SAY THERE MIGHT NOT BE COLLEGE FOOTBALL THIS FALL?

Yes, yes he did. 

I love that he starts with the fact that the school will shut down, no one will be able to graduate, no one will get grades, and then at the end he closes it with no college football. Like people were going to be like, “You know, the university shutting down would suck, and so would missing graduation and getting incompletes for all my classes. BUT NO COLLEGE FOOTBALL THIS FALL! GET OUT OF HERE!”

Now, now LSU fans, is it really that big of a deal? Y’all could just root for another SEC team for a year while your entire state was shut down because you have the most incompetent politicians in the South. (Seriously, this is saying something). Somewhere Huey Long is rolling over in his grave. 

Remember when all LSU had to worry about was the fact that they were going to fire Les Miles — and pay him like a billion dollars not to coach — even though no one wanted him fired? Now there might not even be a team for Les Miles to coach this fall. 


This is a new low in governor scare tactics. The only way they aren’t playing college football in Louisiana this fall is if the entire planet is wiped out by a superbug. And even then, to be honest, they’d probably still play SEC football on aircraft carriers and submarines with sailors representing their favorite teams. (Somehow Alabama would still claim a national championship even though the country was wiped out too).

Also, Louisiana, how are you going to pay football players if your state goes bankrupt? This is going to hurt you in recruiting, big time. Get your shit together. This is embarrassing for all the Southern people — there are like eight of us — who can read. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.