Lou Holtz Reminds Us That Everything In Life, Including Sports, Comes With Risk

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Lou Holtz was on Laura Ingraham’s show Thursday night and pretty much tried to say, damn right college football should come back. “There’s no way in this world you can do anything that’s without a risk,” Lou said. The coaching legend then started down a path where he talked about soldiers risking their lives at Normandy.

It’s safe to say we can go ahead and mark down Lou in the they should play category. The Normandy stuff might be a little over the top, but I’ll let you decide that. One thing that Lou said that’s very true is that the non-power five schools would be absolutely crippled if they don’t play this season. Ohio University went through a staff butchering back in the spring and that’s before talk shifted to not having college football. Bowling Green cut baseball before alumni raised enough money to save the sport. Central Michigan cut men’s indoor and outdoor track to save $600k. App State cut men’s tennis, track and soccer. It goes on and on.

What’s clear is that Lou’s blood pressure is up and the only thing that’s going to lower it is if someone shoots college football into his veins.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. He is almost always spot on. It’s why his Fightin Irish followed him. He is genuine and logical. And proven right on the field.

    I sure hope coaching isn’t permanently damaged by this pandemic. It’s risky to play many sports, but more risky if you don’t trust and follow your coaches instructions.

    All the way.

    Playing is voluntary, but once you join a team, you JOIN with that team.

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