‘Loser’: Donna D’Errico Once Battled Crazy Delta Flight Mask Lady On Baywatch

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As has been reported here at OutKick, Patricia Cornwall, the crazy lady who slapped a man during a December 23 Delta flight, is a former Playboy model and actress who had bit roles on Baywatch and Married with Children under the name Patty Breton.

Upon further review of Baywatch footage, it turns out that the writing was on the wall for Patty Cornwall via a single 1996 episode of Baywatch where the lovely Donna D’Errico goes to war with Cornwall’s character ‘Petra’ who is trying to rig a bikini contest by blackmailing Donna Marco.

Delta Passenger ‘Karen’ Is Patricia Cornwall, A Former Playboy Model, Raiders Cheerleader & Baywatch Actress

But Donna fights back against Petra’s dirty tactics and eventually tells ‘Mitch’ that Petra is a “loser,” which is confirmed when she places second in the bikini contest when her plot to cheat her way to first place is foiled.

Let’s go to the footage and watch D’Errico and crazy Delta mask lady go at it way back in the mid-1990s.

Now let’s fast-forward to real life 2021 where Patty Cornwall decided she was going to go mask police on some old man. This incident out of “loser” Patty now has her in trouble with the FBI who hauled her into federal court on Monday where she faced federal assault charges due to her slap across the man’s face.

Just like lifeguard Donna Marco fighting back against the bully Petra who thought she could run right over fellow contestants on her way to a bikini contest win, the U.S. government is officially fighting back against this COVID mask police bully. From all indications, Cornwall, who’s been arrested several times since 2020, remains in FBI custody.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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