Lose The Jacket: Former Cub Jake Arrieta Talks MLB Fashion Faux Pas

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Former MLB pitcher Jake Arrieta, who spent six of his twelve MLB seasons in Chicago, knows a thing or two about playing in the cold.

He also knows what looks hot and not so hot on the diamond, and one particular pitcher habit aggravates Arrieta even more than a bloop single: jackets, especially team-issued jackets that pitchers wear while on the base path.

“Ugh, jeez. I absolutely hated it,” Arrieta, now retired, told Pardon My Take of hurlers bundling up on the bases. “That I’ve always been against. I just think it’s such a bad look.”

You’re not alone Jake.

Arietta, who famously warmed up in a cutoff throughout his career and had no interest in sleeves under his jersey, even chided Hall of Famer Greg Maddux for layering up whenever he reached base.

“Can’t take anything away from Greg. He’s unbelievable, right? But cut it out with the jackets,” Arietta insisted, per PMT.

It’s not as though he doesn’t speak from experience. Aside from the Windy City and a couple of months in San Diego, the right hander also pitched for Baltimore and Philadelphia, cities which tend to be less than balmy in early spring and late fall. Over his career, he tallied 25 hits and 16 walks, providing him plenty of opportunity to experience a chilly stroll around the diamond.

Nevertheless, he’d never sacrifice fashion for performance, no matter the temp.

“The jacket’s gotta go. It’s gotta go,” said Arietta. “Are you really that cold to where you can’t wait a few minutes?”

He seems pretty chill for a guy who never gets cold.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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