Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate Abruptly Ends Well Known High School Football Team’s Season

A Los Angeles Unified School District mandate that went into effect on Sunday ended an iconic high school football team’s season.

The Crenshaw High School football team, the five-time city champions, ended up with only 13 players who are fully vaccinated. According to KTTV-TV, the district demands a team must have at least 18 fully vaccinated players to compete, thus abruptly ending Crenshaw’s season.

A Crenshaw player who did not get vaccinated said the LAUSD’s vaccine mandate “kind of messed me over for scholarships.”

“Yeah, playoffs, especially championship games, that’s really where everything gets seen, and that’s what I was hoping on,” he goes on.

The mandate will hurt students in other areas, as Crenshaw coach Robert Garrett notes.

“They knew last week that I was not going to have 18 kids. I played 15 kids. The other kids are there so they won’t be on the street. They’re there for social and emotional development.”

Got that? A vaccine for a virus that poses little risk to most youth football players trumps social and emotional development in Los Angeles.

“It should be a free choice if you’re gonna be vaccinated or not,” parent Lala Brown told KTTV. “And if they are not vaccinated, there are people who don’t agree with the vaccine but at least do some type of testing, and if people are negative then they should be able to play.”

Most students cannot get back what they lost socially and academically in the past year and a half. From at-home learning to canceled sports seasons to unreasonable mandates, no group suffered more during the pandemic than school students. That’s not political, it’s disheartening.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Teenage male athletes aren’t being allowed to play football, yet less than 3 miles from Crenshaw High sits a Planned Parenthood, where teenage girls are allowed to kill an unborn child.

    My body, my choice.

  2. Crenshaw High is a black school. So it’s interesting that this specific demographic remains the most vaccine-hesitant, despite the Democratic Party’s mandates. Including hurting kids’ scholarship chances.

  3. I’d like to feel bad but you can bet they voted a straight D ticket and voted against recall. We have all seen the stats on this voting base. They had a chance to get rid of Maxine Waters and bowed into dynamic young black black Republican. This is what they chose. This is what they get. I just can’t care anymore.

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