Chargers Post Graphic Bragging About Their Defense And Put Caveat In Very Tiny Print

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I am on record heavily defending the Los Angeles Chargers and, specifically, head coach Brandon Staley. I have had some hardcore arguments that he is, in fact, a good coach.

One of the pushbacks that I hear is that Staley is a defensive coach and the Chargers defense is not very good. They were quite poor last year, and in fact had the league’s worst run defense. This year, they have improved, but spent the majority of the season in the bottom half of the league.

Over the past few weeks, the defense has played better. They are getting healthier, though still without Joey Bosa. The team’s official Twitter account posted a graphic bragging about their recent play.

In case you can’t read it — because I couldn’t — it says “Since Week 13” just above the defensive ranks. I found this comical. Hopefully you do, as well.

A few things about this. First, since Week 13 is quite a small sample size — that’s only four games. Second, it doesn’t discuss the teams that Los Angeles has played in the past four weeks. They gave up 27 points to the Raiders (not great) before holding the Dolphins to 17 (not bad), the Titans to 14 points (meh), and the Colts to 3 points (Nick Foles).

The performance against the Dolphins was strong, they shut down pretty much everyone not named Tyreek Hill. Not sure I would brag about giving up 27 points to the Raiders, or holding Tennessee to 14 points (Derrick Henry still ran for 100+).

I definitely wouldn’t brag about stopping Nick Foles.

The Chargers defense has been good against some bad offenses.
The Chargers defense has been good against some bad offenses. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

But I suppose when people are questioning your defense, you have to use whatever you can. And, it’s been a good stretch for the team. They get the Rams this week, who just dropped a 51-spot on Denver. Still, should the Chargers shut down the Rams, not exactly a time to beat your chest.

Speaking of Denver, the Chargers finish the season against the Broncos. So, it’s not inconceivable they can run this graphic back out at the end of the season.

I assume they’ll make “Since Week 13” bigger once it encompasses six games.

Or maybe not. They can just pretend they have the best defense in the league.

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