Lori Lightfoot Caught in Crowd Without A Mask, Defying Pro-Mask Statements

You can always count on Lori Lightfoot’s logic to bend easier than a straw. 

As reported by OutKick, the Chicago mayor stated in an interview on MSNBC that she would be not be dropping her mask after CDC guidelines in early May ensured vaccinated Americans that masks wouldn’t be needed for either indoor or outdoor gatherings.  

Spotted in a crowded environment without a mask in sight and less than six feet from the person she was conversing with, Lightfoot was caught defying her own mandates in a video recorded Thursday — less than a week after an MSNBC interview aired. So much for honest leadership. 

“We’ve gotta make sure that people are continuing to follow the public health guidance,” said Lightfoot in her interview, insinuating that the mask mandate is still a requirement despite the 282 million vaccine doses that have already been administered throughout America. Not counting the millions that have beat the virus and reached immunity.

The Chicago mayor also came under fire earlier this week when she declared that Black and Brown journalists would only be allowed for 1-on-1 interviews with the mayor. The racist idea proposed by Lightfoot was met with backlash for its blatant call to exclude Caucasian reporters, or anyone person deemed “White.” 

Now, most reasonable Americans aren’t crazed over making “cancel-worthy” moments out of a bureaucrat’s time away from the office.  

But the hypocrisy on pure display by Lightfoot, and other paragons of the media’s COVID panic campaign, comes at the behest of Americans who have had their free speech and ability to make a living taken from them. It’s time to stand up to their hypocrisy.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • The Left: We know the coronavirus isn’t as dangerous as we tell the sheep it is by our actions but we will still tell the sheep they will die if they don’t obey us and they keep falling for our lies.

  1. Can someone explain why this individual hasn’t been served with a federal civil rights lawsuit yet? How can a government official (elected or appointed) discriminate against any person (or journalist) because of the color of their skin? Not allow access based on race? And do it openly. Brag about it. This is fucking insane.

  2. black, lesbian, with a native American-sounding surname buys you a shit ton of fuse to burn down your city. this is on Chicago. it’s a fucking embarrassment. Their embarrassment. also, this is what merit-based hiring does not look like.

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